Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials are paramount for your business as they help potential customers to get more of an idea of what to expect from the company in question. To that end i have included some of my Testimonials i have had below from my previous customers.

Andrew Hounsfield – Managing Director of Hounsfield Boilers – 04/2015

Hounsfield Boilers Testimonial
“I needed to get my Website on to the first page on Google so i contacted Norfolk SEO Services to evaluate my website. My Rankings were terrible and i was nowhere against my Competitors. After just 6 months I have 27 Keywords in number 1 position with another 35 keywords in the top 2 – 7 on first page also, far better results than all my Competitors now. Thank you to Stacey and his SEO Firm”

Nathan Glick – Proprietor of Firetree Music – 07/2015

Firetree Music Testimonial
“Great company to work with – very professional and thorough. Had the pleasure of working with Stacey in the SEO department and he was very helpful and easy to work with. Would highly recommend this guy to everyone!”


Tim Fox – Manager of AT Motorbike – 07/2016

AT Motorbike Parts Testimonial
“Norfolk SEO Services has been very helpful and professional with their SEO services for our company. They take the time and effort to help and assist with any aspect of SEO that you have and always fully answer any questions you may have.”


Nick Parry – Manager of Nicks Science Supplies – 04/2017

Nicks Science Supplies Testimonial
“Fantastic company, always working very hard to optimise the SEO and keeping you in the loop of progress and adjustments. As a result, we’ve seen a huge increase in our SEO score and we’ve just started doing some successful Google Ads campaigns.”


Shaun Knowles – Proprietor at Wood Signs – 10/2017

Wood Signs Testimonial
“Norfolk seo services are always at hand with expert knowledge and affordable, flexible price plans. Furthermore they really understood my needs and helped my business to grow, they get the job done.”


Tom Needham – Director of Tom Needham’s Wedding Photography – 11/2017

Tom Needham's Wedding Photography Testimonial
“Professional results driven company, cannot recommend Norfolk SEO Services highly enough, the team are doing an outstanding job. As a new company with relatively no marketing exposure on search engine sites, also we are now up there with the big guns after a short period of time!
Cheers guys keep up the good work.”

Darren – Proprietor at EA Fasteners – 08/2018

EA Fasteners Testimonial
“We’ve used Norfolk SEO Services for around 3 years or so now. Their professional approach helped our site gain a lot of traction and the results of their work soon gained us lots of customers interested in my services. consequently we would highly recommend them to those considering an SEO strategy for their business.”


I will be updating my Customer Testimonials frequently as time permits.