SEO Checklist

This basic SEO checklist should be followed to keep an eye on your Search Engine Optimisation so you can keep it in good order

Optimise the speed of your website

The very first thing that you should do when performing On-page SEO on your website is to optimise the speed of your website.
If your website takes a long time to load, it will have a negative affect on your website’s search engine ranking.

You can start by checking the current website speed and then compare the speed of your competitor’s website. Google PageSpeed Insights is where you can check your, or your competitors website speed.
The faster your website loads the better the ranking of your site. If you find that your website takes longer to load than your competitor’s website it will be best to carry out some optimisation to speed up the loading time.
Usually, the speed at which your website will load will be related to the size of your images(physical space in megabytes). These images can then be compressed so they will load faster.

Keyword Research

Keyword research paramount for White Hat SEO
Niche targeted Keywords are an absolute must for any company as they are targeting potential customers. If a potential customer is not aware of your company name and is searching online for the type of work you carry out your company would need to appear on page one for the best chance of first contact.
It is best to pay close attention to the number of duplicate keywords and their location in your text. This can improve seo quite significantly.


Meta Title Tags

Your title tag is the first piece of text you notice in the SERPS, and is one of the most important on-page SEO elements.

It also appears on top of your browser tab and when saving bookmarks. Meta Titles provide users with a brief summary of what to expect when they click, and they also tell Google what your page is about.
Your title should include the keyword you are trying to rank for at the start, while at the same time accurately describe the page.

Here are some guidelines for writing the perfect title tag:
Keep your titles 50 and 60 characters to ensure they display correctly in the search engines.
The Meta-Tags SEO Process
Include your brand name whenever possible.
Your homepage title tag should always start with your brand name, followed by the services you are offering.

Example: Alison’s Wedding Photography Services | Wedding photography Services.

Meta Description Tags

The purpose of the description is to provide the user / search engines with a brief synopsis of your page. Having interesting and descriptive descriptions will increase the frequency that people click on your result when shown in the SERPS.

The aim with this would be to write unique descriptions that are between 150 and 155 characters in length. This way your words will not trail off…

Image Optimisation

Images are an important factor of your website as they help to gain more targeted traffic from image searches in the search engines.

There are several option to use regarding optimising your images and these are:

Image File Names – For the images image files, use words that describe the image accurately and clearly.

Image Optimisation Servies
Decrease Loading Time of Your Images

Rather than ‘Image1’, use more specific names like for example: ‘Iphone 8 Plus’ rather then just ‘Iphone’. This name will help the search engines determine more specifically what the picture is of. You should include a keyword that you are trying to rank for when making the image file name. However, avoid making long file names and keyword stuffing as this could have a negative impact on ranking. Use dashes to separate words rather than underscores, which will combine words rather than separating them. Don’t use words like “that,” “a,” “another” or other stop words which does not contribute keyword value.

Alt Text – Alt text is provided as an alternate description. It also describes the image to search engines so they can understand them better. Include at least one keyword in the alt text, but be careful not to overload it with keywords. Only use words relevant to the content of the image, otherwise search engines may penalise you.

Image Size – Long page load times can affect your site ranking from the search engine algorithms. The image file sizes (in Bytes) play a key role in increasing speed. In addition, waiting too long for the page to show can mean lost revenue.

SEO Checklist for Testing & Updating Text Readability

The readability of your web pages is one of the most important factors of your text. It evaluates your text’s legibility based on the recommended Flesch-Kincaid reading-ease scale.
The Meta-Tags SEO Process
It is easier to read higher scoring pages. For example, if you score between ’90’ and ‘100’ points, this denotes that the average 11-year-old would easily understand the text. If you score between ‘0’ and ’30’ points, then your text is very difficult to read, and only university graduates will be able to understand it.

The above SEO Checklist is just a short list of basic seo processes which are taken care of by myself in a professional manner.
Please call or contact me for more details on what i will do to help your site reach it’s maximum potential on the world wide web.

This SEO Checklist can be used to improve SEO on any website if followed closely or i can carry out your SEO while you run your business Contact me now for more information and a free survey.